Our Story

No Corn. Just Cheese.

It all started with an 8 hour first date in the summer of 2010. The date began at the burger joint, The Stand, in the East Village. Drawn there for the toasted marshmallow milkshake, featured on “Best Thing I Ever Ate,” we began our 8 hour excursion. The next few hours were filled with the Chelsea Market, drinks on an old stationary, lightboat in the Hudson River, a walk on the Highline (an elevated train track converted into a park), and ending the night at a bar in Astoria.

  • Just 5 months after we began dating...

    Trent came home to Rochester, NY to meet Allison’s family for the first time. He brought home a Murray’s Cheese Plate in an effort to win them over. (He managed to get his fruit jam through security by telling the security agent he was meeting the family for the first time and needed all the help he could get)

  • Allison traveled to Chicago

    (her first step into the Midwest) to spend New Years with Trent and his friends.

  • Allison met Trent’s mom

    ... for the first time at an Italian dinner in Astoria.

  • Bryce’s Graduation

    The Lednars rented a house in Maine to stay while celebrating Bryce’s college graduation

  • Our first vacation together

    Where we had the most delicious Pina Colada’s know to man at Rieces.

  • Allison travels to Iowa

    Where she met Trent’s dad for the first time and came to truly understand what it means to feel full. The week was filled with family, fried butter and the Ozarks!

  • Trent's Family

    Allison goes home with Trent for Thanksgiving to meet the whole family

  • West Coast

    We spent a week in San Francisco with Trent’s Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Jerry

  • St. Thomas

    Trent’s 30th birthday spent in St. Thomas with Allison, Chris and Ryan. Partayyy

  • We moved in together

    Trent moved into Allison’s tiny studio in Astoria. Nothing can prove a stronger bond than happily living together in a 350 sq ft. abode.

  • Berlin

    Trent’s first trip to Europe! Trent and the Lednar clan visited Bryce in Berlin, Germany for a week.


    Trent surprised Allison with an 8 day trip to Hawaii (Allison had thought that she was traveling to visit Trent for a long weekend in Seattle, where his project for work was located. Little did she know he had planned an elaborate vacation) Trent proposed on the beach the first night Allison arrived. Champagne, Saxophone, Fireworks, a private cabana …. more than anyone could ever dream of. She said YES and we had a week to celebrate in paradise!

  • Lednars and Haines meet for the first time

    Allison’s mom came to Iowa to spend a long weekend with Trent’s family. The Haines and the Lednars were brought together and bonded over a soulful Train concert at the Iowa State Fair.


    We can’t wait to share this day with all of our family and friends. Bring your dancing shoes because it’s going to be a PARTAY!